Saturday, January 07, 2006

Met this local hunter as I walked the dusty streets of Ikenne, Ogun State, Nigeria and asked to take a picture of him. He had about 5 or 6 dogs (a couple were too busy at toilet to participate in picture taking). I asked what he hunted and he replied..."from rabbits upwards" Posted by Picasa


Frank Partisan said...

Is he allowed to be armed, right at a roadside like that?

Don't do anything to anger him.


Everyone is mourning the loss of jazz and r&b singer Lou Rawls.

Anonymous said...

Renegade Eye,

I suppose the term 'gun culture' is alien to the world of the hunter shown in this picture. I used to encounter many like in my hometown when I was little, and not one person had ever been killed by a gun in that place. In small towns, guns are still used for hunting lesser creatures only, like 'rabbits upwards'. The gun this hunter is holding is not an object of dread therefore.

But as with all things, this way of life is now been polluted by change.


rethots said...

...are there suppos'd to be specilized hunters?