Friday, February 03, 2006

Found this promo of a stage play performed in London in 2004 hidden in my stuff. Titled Olurombi, it's the Yoruba folk-tale of a woman so desperate for a child, she pledges her pregnancy to the tree-god, Iroko...and the tree god comes to collect. Performed by a drama troupe in the House on the Rock (a church based in London), I guess it must have been given an end different from the one we know. I never got round to seeing it, but the song in the folk tale, for me, is a metaphor of the tale of Nigeria. Posted by Picasa


Frank Partisan said...

From your blog and molara's, it seems London has many African cultural happenings.

Anonymous said...

Wow Laspapi,

Who could have guessed? I had no idea you have this flyer. I wrote and directed this version of Olurombi.Yes it was done with Ilumina, HOTR's drama troupe and you are right, it has a 'slightly' different twist from the one 'we' all know. You would have loved it :-)

Debbie Ehikioya