Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Funmi Iyanda the Queen of the "New Dawn" on the NTA Network, and I, Christmas 2005. Its the 27th of July as I write and its Funmilola's birthday. Again this year as in the previous one, there is a surprise party planned for her. Posted by Picasa


Aramide said...

Ohh that's nice...I blogged about her recently xxx

Araceli said...
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laspapi said...


saw your post in my mail even though you'd deleted it on the blog. See the disadvantages of technology?

Wasn't thinking really before I announced a "surprise" birthday party on the web. But knowing funmi, I assumed, correctly now as we can see, that she wouldn't wander near my blog until the deed was done.

I won't do any more postings while I'm half-asleep. Correction noted.