Sunday, August 27, 2006

In the stage play,The Inheritors, Inspector Kamoru, State CID-O.C. Crime(Mike Okorie, in green) lays down the law for Lydia Akintunde H.Q. Johnson (Joke Silva, in yellow) . Her lawyer (Lanre Dele-Abrahams, centre) watches as the other policeman (Tiny Ayodeji, right) stands on guard. Posted by Picasa


Aramide said...

How did it go?

Anonymous said...

The Inheritors was a master piece. The performance was awesome and the acts knew how to interpret the script. Although it worries me that i cannot answer one question. Who did Rompe in?

laspapi said...

@mona- It went well, mona. Next play's "The gods are not to blame" for the Muson Festival on Saturday, the 28th of October. I'm directing.

@uzezi- thank you very much for the kind words. Who did Rompe in? Ahh, its a "whodunnit?", you have to go think it out.