Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I recall writing I was senior script writer on the 4th Season of Mo Abudu's hit talk-show, Moments with Mo. Well, a conversation I had with the legendary bush doctor, Baba Willy, reminded me that I'd failed to mention I'm a producer for the show as well. I'm working directly with two extraordinary associate producers, Toyin Faj and Chris, the Senior producer- Sebari Diette-Spiff, two other producers and a line of Associate Producers.

'They ask us, how we do it....'


bArOquE said...

that woman is as fine as heaven...pardon my digression...your job must really be it oh, how do you do it? & the new camera too?

Woomie O! said...

What is that thing that you 'don't' do????

Hope your football bruises have all healed?

laspapi said...

First thing I said the day I met her was, 'you're beautiful'. You have eyes, baroque.

How do I do it? I just do...

ps. 2 new cameras. There's ja-si and then there's ja-f'extra

@ woomie- ribs feel better now as does shoulder. Thank you very much.

Woomie O! said...

Thank God.
C u on Sunday.

Babawilly said...

Legendary babawilly ke? I don reach that status yet?

Is this programme on You tube yet?
Would like to watch it

Al the best with the good work