Saturday, April 04, 2009

Theatre@Terra presents 'Anatomy of a Woman', the humorous stage play on gender relations.

One Woman. Three suitors. An over-bearing Aunt.

Starring Kemi 'lala' Akindoju, Nkiruka J. Ossamor, Olarotimi Michael Fakunle, Sola Robert Iwaotan and Gbenga Adekanmbi.

Written and directed by Wole Oguntokun every Sunday in April at Terra Kulture, Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Time- 3pm & 6pm

Tickets- N2000


Mamarita said...

Oh men....Kemi Akindoju rocks, she's a fantastic actress and I'm sad I'll be missing this... :(

darkelcee said...

Laspapi.... catch ya, see ya later!



i wont miss it for the world.

flygirlbidiish said...

still my best play!!!!!! in consequential!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laspapi said...

@ mamarita- hope you make it back to terra soon

@ darkelcee- looking forward to seeing you.

@ flygirl- you were there and didn't talk to me?

flygirlbidiish said...

:-)!!! an old one i saw march 25 2007..... twas the first of ur plays i saw

Sherri said...

now u put up a play!
what happened to march?

i was home for a flash.

how are u dude?

DVF said...

Would probably give it a B rating (cos I'd give Prison Chronicles an A- or so). It was alright, a little on the short side. I liked Aunty Jebe's character most.

Can't wait to see more of your plays, though. Big ups and keep up the good work!

africa entertainment plus sports said...

The theme is appetising. o ya brt, V.I. straight - bar beach bus stop !

laspapi said...

See yourself, Sherri? Came to Lagos and didn't stop by to see me?


inconsequential!!!!! i loved dis. Lala was great as usual, and it was goo to see Rotimi out of his 'brother jero' garb. lol