Monday, August 03, 2009

Theatre-ing@Terra- 3rd Annual Season of Wole Soyinka- June and July 2009.


SonofPhilip said...

kai, na me be dat?

u for give us advance notice before u put our picture for public domain na!

keep up d good works. im sure that pretty soon, pple would prefer to hang out at thearter@terra rather than silverbird.


SonofPhilip said...

kai, na me be that?

you for let person no before u put him picture for public domain na?

while 'jejely' sitting down trying to understand WS's Kongi's Harvest, i was "forced" against my will to the dance-floor, to display my dancing skills - or is it the lack of it - to the viewing public.

my picture was taken without my knowledge and put on the net. my lawyer might have something to say about this.

but i seriously hope that one day - cars would run on water - the crowds at theatre@terra would be more than that of silverbird or ozone cinemas.

keep up the good work.