Sunday, September 17, 2006

The CORA Book and Arts Festival is over for another year. There was fun, lots of debate and seminars, an area for the kids, food, clothes, Dance, Drama, visual arts, books, comics, sculptures and more books.

Apart from some strange looking pencil-portraits I commissioned for N5oo apiece and neither of which looked like me, I also purchased several books-

1) Nigeria-The birth of Africa's greatest community Volumes 1 & 2 (From the pages of DRUM)

2) 50 Great American Short Stories (Published by Bantam Classics)

3) Death and The King's Horseman-Wole Soyinka (Spectrum Books)

4) The Count of Monte Cristo- Alexandre Dumas (Wordsworth Classics)

5) Anne Frank-The Diary of a Young Girl (Pocket Books Classics)

6) Les Miserables- Victor Hugo (Penguin Classics)

7) Vanity Fair-W.M. Thackeray (The Great Writers Library)

8) Don Quixote- Cervantes (Penguin Classics)

By far, the most expensive and which could easily have bought all the other books over twice, was the book on Nigeria culled from the pages of the Drum magazine.


Aramide said...

:) Seemed like it was very eventful and went well...nice pics, thanks for the update for those of us who didnt get to go.

Are there any events going on in December? Let me know please.

Well done again.

Aramide said...

I also bought an Anne Frank book once, in Amsterdam though. I visited the house :o)

Araceli said...

That's a lot of books. They, I mean CORA, should use you as "advertising prop" (pardon the term, but I dont know what they call them, those that endorse products like Michael Jordan) next year.

I got several books myself, and will post them soon.

By the way, you are now on a first-name term (I don't know if that is grammatically correct) when my kids tell me a story: "Mama, you know Wole eh..."

laspapi said...

The pleasure was mine, mona.

Concerning the links you spoke about, I'll endeavour to provide them henceforth. Let's hope they work.

The Writer of 'Splendid', Moji Adenubi is your aunt? She was a major participant at the Book Festival and one of the discussants.

The Anne Frank Book's one I've always wanted.

I hope to present Soyinka's play, 'the swamp dwellers' on boxing day. Venue's Muson.

@ Araceli- Pressed reply to your comment and it took off for your e-box not stopping here. I love them kids.

Aramide said...

I'll definitely put that in my diary "The Swamp Dwellers"

Toluwalope said...

got "only" 3 books at the festival, a distant 3rd position to laspapi and araceli. Have been busy, but will certainly do a post on LABAF too, pics, gist...

laspapi said...

'lo Boa,
looking forward to your posts. The book on Nigeria culled from the pages of Drum Magazine is proving to be priceless.