Monday, April 14, 2008


Wed Apr 2- Farafina's press briefing for biyi bandele's book, Burma Boy. Venue- Yellow Chilli, Victoria Island

Sat Apr 5- Go cycling in the morning around Surulere with the dancer/actor Kenneth Uphopho. Thigh muscles ache.
Burma Boy reading at the British Council, Ikoyi. Laspapi is compere.

Sun Apr 6- Sizwe Bansi is dead is produced by laspapi at Theatre@Terra. It is directed by Sunkanmi Adebayo.

Mon Apr 7- Meeting with Sola Salako in Ikeja, the P.R. guru. Laspapi's Renegade Theatre gets commissioned to produce a play on one of Nigeria's leading icons.

Fri Apr 11- Meeting with a leading telecomms company on Victoria Island. Renegade Theatre is commissioned to produce an Industrial Theatre project. Weekly Night Football at Astro Turf

Sat Apr 12- Cycle from Surulere home to office at Yaba in a bid to avoid sedentary living. Ride lasts for more than one hour. Thigh muscles still ache. Meeting with Jade, an associate Producer of the serialized cable and tv programme, Moments with Mo (Abudu). It is a pre-briefing in respect of laspapi's invitation to the show. She is thorough and very professional and should work for the FBI. The background details she needed on laspapi could have opened a dossier.

Sun Apr 13- Presentation of laspapi's play, Prison Chronicles. Race from Theatre as play ends at Terra Kulture and drive like a member of a Nigerian Governor's convoy to the bus park at Jibowu, one cast member in tow. Agreement was that we had to get him back to his station in Kogi state before 9am today.

Thigh muscles still ache. Rehearsed daily except Sundays from the 7th. Still managed to see Vantage Point, No Country For Old Men, 10,000 BC and Game Plan at the Galleria. I recommend the first 2 movies. They're very good.

Pic courtesy of Tolu Ogunlesi- laspapi and Ijeoma at the British Council for the Burma Boy reading.


The Indecent One..... said...

laspapi...I visted jor...i just didnt leave a comment becoz i hadnt finished reading...

I like ur write ure into art, culture, theatre and all dat??...nice. Very Posh.....:D

Is dat u in the pic?? :D

Anonymous said...

laspapi na u dey enjoy o!!!save us some fun!!!anyway how are you?holla

dScR?Be said...

okay... u've rested enuff.. my buggins begin.. NOW!

laspapi said...

@ indecent- The arts and culture are the things I do/ Thank you for reading through. Still blushing at being called 'posh'.
Yeah, that's me in the pic.

@ pink satin- na serious work o! How've you been, p-s? I'm coming over.

@ 1st Pet- let it begin :D

Uzo said...

10,000 BC sucked big time...The bicycle riding thing would make sense if it wasnt in the midst of Lagos traffic...But you do things to your own beat...

anonymous gal(retired blogger) said...

jinta is ur brother? o my i shld hv been nicer to him. o well hope ur tighs have stopped aching. cant rem when last i rode a bike. Hmm this theatre biz sounds like 2 much fun.

Woomie O! said...

hey papi!
try Ben-Gay for ur thighs or go c a doc or sumtin...(sometimes, wot u think is good for ur health isn't) anyways take care...
and be good.

PS: wot did the grass say to the sun???

PPS(learned dis from you :-)): will c dis Sunday's show(hopefully)...ttyl.

In my head and around me said...

You sound like you are having mad fun...and most of these activities point to money making or at the very least development of the brand - Laspapi.

Joy Akut said...

mad crazy...u have time to like maybe eat?

but it sounds like crazy fun all the same.
i'm trying to get me a bicycle too, but i wouldnt dare the distance you put up...urggg, i can just feel the shivers.

i would like to watch one of your stuff...when next are you getting something done?

laspapi said...

@ Uzo- 10,000BC was probably made about that time. And yeah, I have to wear a helmet but the benefits are myriad.

@ anon girl- jinta is my big bro. Thighs have stopped aching although I'm off to play friday footer now. Yeah, theatre's great fun, I'm living my dream.

@ woomie- If you play hard soccer on friday and go cycling on saturday, your thighs will ache, believe me. Looking forward to seeing you.

@ in my head- brand development! Will lay hold of the money soon.

@ fantasy queen- there's a show on every sunday at 3pm and 6pm. And you ought to get a bicycle, it's great fun, particularly if you have someone to riude with. I go with Ken, a director at Theatre@Terra

Lola said...

so this is where ijeoma has been hiding since? i saw that pic and thought it looked like her but then i'm like no....but now i see. :o)

laspipi, how u dey? who gave u that name sef?