Friday, August 22, 2008

Twin Zone

Laspapi’s a producer and writer on Mo Abudu’s talk show, ‘Moments with Mo’. A few days ago, the show looked at the matter of twins in Nigeria.

Research states that Nigeria has more twins than anywhere else in the world. And a sleepy farming community in its South West is our twin capital.

At the recording of the show, twins from different parts of the country turned out like it was a festival.

In the photo, from left- laspapi, the Campbell twins and my Associate Producer, T-Faj.


Woomie O! said...

I've always loved twins. I want 8 children, four sets of twins...only two boys.
I pray about this wish everyday. Pray with me please.

bArOquE said...

oga, i saw the show yesterday about naija artefacts in the british museum; after not being in contact with TeeVo since, it was quite glorious to see Mo Abudu again...e get as that woman dey do me oh...GOD abeg, another man wife! did the twins show go?

dScR?Be said...

i NEED 2 have a set of twins and triplets!! lollz

Oropo said...

The show is very right about Nigerians having the highest percentage of twins in the world. And not just Nigerians, Yorubas in particular.

I found out when I was pregnant with my twins. My OBGYN referred me to a specialist, and on getting to him he asked if I was Nigerian I said yes, (My name gave that away)and if I was Yoruba and I said yes again.
He then explained to me how the occurence of twins is highest among the Yorubas.

I think its the genes.

Unknown said...

Interesting, so Nigeria has the highest number of twins? And why? ;)

Olu said...

@ Aloofar: Cos we are kewl like that!

Iyaeto said...

@ woomie o: and dscr?be: You can have mine. They're 8yr old boys. I read from somwhere that it has something to do with yams.

Babawilly said...

Ah, these Campbell twins are beautiful o. Ah ah.
Twins- well , we were tauht that it was the Yams o. Phyto-estrogens in the yams, making the Ovaries hyperstimulated.
Dont quote me though. But I am sure one of our Obstetric lecturers blamed 'Ondo yam'
Multiple pregnancies are hard work. Women usually fantasize about having twins but the complications rates in Multiple pregnancy actually much higher as is the infant morbidity and mortality rates. There's a much higher risk of Caesarian section delivery with its own yawa.
Singletons make for an easy life, but if na twins God (or yam) give woman, the same God will strenghten her back. Amen

dScR?Be said...

wow!! 8YR OLDDSSS!! r they identical???

if they not identical i don't want.. hehehehehhe :D

dScR?Be said...

wait @ oropo.. Yorubas have a high # of twin occurrences??? kai, wat about Igbos?!

Uncle Wolz.. its been a sec.. se wa pa?