Monday, March 13, 2006

Wole Oguntokun's Prison Chronicles- The premiere of the stage drama was presented on Sunday the 12th of March. On stage seated from left in "Cell block B" are Anjola (Paul Alumona), Kamal (Seun Kentebe), Kalis (Leke Oyeyinka) and Kamoru (Kenneth Uphopho). Standing and preparing to feed them, is the Warder's wife, otherwise known as "The First Lady" (Jennifer Osammor).

Present in the audience on Sunday were the actress, Chief Ibidun Allison ("Amebo" of Village Headmaster fame), Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi- the economist and playwright, Fred Agbeyegbe-the lawyer/playwright, Gloria Ibru, Jahman Anikulapo (Editor of the Sunday Guardian), Toyin Akinosho-General Secretary of the Committee for Relevant Art (C.O.R.A.), Ayo Arigbabu, Ropo Ewenla, Adora Ikwemesi and Akeem Lasisi-the performance poet. Posted by Picasa


Frank Partisan said...

The stage blocking looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

i think Wole Oguntokun is a voice of theatre in Nigeria... and i mean a big voice. from Ladugba to the other side and now prisason chronicles. He's really one voice that every should sit down quietly and listen... even though most time you cant help the humour he stylishly hides within his plays.
i haven't watched any other proffessional playwright of our generation do thier thing on stage... but watching Wole... is like watching all that theatre has to offer.
keep up Mr., we are listening

>>> a younger younger generation

rethots said...

...oops, you know Arigbs