Saturday, June 17, 2006

The greatest fun at Femi Osofisan's University of Ibadan residence on Saturday as guests chatted at the luncheon celebrating his 60th birthday, was the gathering of theatre arts students at a table. About 15 of them "gyrated", singing songs and using tables as well as the bottles of fanta and forks for percussion. The music was beautiful and from time to time, Femi Osofisan, an African legend in his own right, would leave the other guests and join his students to sing a song or two, many full of hilarious innuendoes, the students roaring in approval. Folu Agoi, the Chairman of the Lagos Chapter of the Association of Nigerian Authors sat by my side as we enjoyed the impromptu jamz. The world of theatre is different, and for those who might not understand the magic of the students' celebration, nothing more can be said. Posted by Picasa

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