Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Poet, Odia Ofeimun (left), and the Historian, Professor Akinwunmi Ishola, at Femi Osofisan's residence- Ibadan, Saturday. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Don't they look lovely? I so love it when Naija men dress up nice... great, talented ones, to boot.

Anonymous said...

Laspapi, I noticed you referred to Akinwunmi Isola as historian for the second time in your blog. I think the man is a writer and professor of Yoruba studies (may be with a bent for literature). Like most first generation academics specialising in Yoruba studies, he actually had a first degree in a different discipline, in his own case French. I recall once reading him explain that he decided on a detour in his subsequent academic career because a French lecturer once told his class that, they might know all of the grammertical rules in French, but they would never know as much French as he (the lecturer, and a native French speaker) did. Now that was trite, but it was enough to set a young man looking back to his own native language where he would not be that disadvantaged.

You may cross-check all of these though.

Cheers and well done.


laspapi said...

thank you for the correction. Akinjide his son, and I, were classmates at the University but I never took the time to confirm his father's discipline.