Wednesday, November 01, 2006

laspapi at the end of the show. On the left is the actor and playwright, lekan balogun (1st Chief), and on the right, Olarotimi Michaels (2nd Chief) Posted by Picasa

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Anonymous said...

Great job Mr. Wole. your over two months of active rehearsals and painstaking guidiance (as a director) paid off most beautifully. your passion inspires me, fires me, fuels me. sometimes people think of me as strange, they wonder why i love the arts so much and yet sit in an engineering class. i don't really bother. i just simply remind myself of brave and passionate spirits like you,who
have found something worth dying for. i can't wait to join you too; to see the day when my name is listed amongst those who have contributed immensely to sustaining the relevance of the african arts. 'okunrin-meta' (hope i got d spelling right) more grace to your beautiful mind.

>>>a much younger younger generation