Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Monkey see, Monkey do-Was locking my car doors on the way to see a client when I saw a monkey skip past somewhere off Osolo way. It wasn't a forest, well laid-out residences and a few offices occupied the entire street. Walking back to my car, I saw the monkey again so I approached its...ahem, friend, and asked if I could take a picture. He obliged even though the monkey appeared distinctly bored. I keep a cat, others like monkeys. Different strokes... Posted by Picasa


Araceli said...

I agree with you: the monkey is looking reeeaaaaaaly bored. Maybe he didnt like the photographer. Opps...(or maybe you failed to settle the poor thing.)

laspapi said...

for some reason, I observed the monkey really didnt take to me. There was another human 'monkey' right next to the arm I stretched out of the car to take the pic. A snotty-nosed 8 year old who was bent on using my cuffs as a handkerchief.He'd been playing with the monkey too when I approached the group.

As for 'settling' the monkey, I'm glad there are traits they'll never pick from us.