Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tunde Aladese. Writer, TV Producer is one of the 5 writers of V. Monologues- the Nigerian story. Tunde is also a member of the cast of the performances scheduled for March.

March 6- Shehu Yar' Adua Musa Centre, Abuja

March 7- Women's Development Centre, Abuja

March 12- The Muson Centre- Lagos

March 13- The Muson Centre, Lagos

March 19- The National Art Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos

March 20- Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos

The Monologues will be directed by laspapi


dScR?Be said...

stunning photo

Comrade said...

Great stuff, Oga, How far with backstage pass now? I'm sure u need to carry some wires, props or costumes in? I can surely help with that cos If Theatre @ Terra gate fee is N2k, then I'm sure
V Monologues will be about N20k

Nonesuch said...

see u guys @ Terra!

Black Man Comes said...

can u extend it another day in lagos.

bumight said...

wish I could see this *sigh*

Sherri said...

i just love love the radiance,beauty, confidence,grace,poise she exudes thru the camera lenses.

still wishing i could see this production....

wishing u success in multiplicity.

Jinta said...

ah beg, send me plane ticket. i never see abuja before. (i no do economy o)

Anonymous said...

im very proud of you... and this...

Brilliantly Me said...

Damn, I really wish I could be there...will it be recorded on video for those of us that can't make it?

laspapi said...

@ 1stpet- Thanx, Scribe.

@ Comrade- I don't think the tickets can be much more than Theatre@Terra's. However, I'm not the one fixing prices but it should be affordable, Comrade. Been a while.

@ nonesuch- See you, nonesuch. Pls introduce yourself when you come down?

@ bmc- sorry blackman, beyond my powers, I'm just a hatchet man.

@ bumight- wish you could, bumight.

@ sherri- thank you, sherri. You're beautiful too.

@ jinta- you no do economy? Na me go pay half a million make you con' see play? Ah beg, when ever you come, I go carry you go abuja make we siddon for 3 days dey look good roads an' better cars

@ ONB- I know you are, Storm. I know you are.

@ Rayo- It should be recorded on some medium. Would have been good to see you.

Jinta said...

'papi - no be half million o. i hear say na about 480k. we dey? (he says, ducking his head)

Ms. Catwalq said...

Well, well, well...

History in the making.

Very good.

feefey said...

hello friend,
jus sayi hi

Jennifer A. said...

I'm just always a little mad when I see beautiful plays that I can't attend because I'm far far away from naija at this point in my life! Arrrrrrggghhh! (lol).

Little Miss Media said...

i wish i was in nigeria, so i could go.
miss catwalq is right...i'm sure it'll be amazing...

Toksboy said...

we are soooo looking forward to this having missed the one last year.

Saw your comment on my blog and you are right. I think it was Gbajumo Crescent. Our house was directly in front of it on Adeniran Ogunsanya.

N.I.M.M.O said...

I think I get it now:

Papi writes the Girl Whisperer in the Guardian and also directs V.Monologues, right?

[What? Why are you looking at me like that?]

Sowwy, I'm not as bright as I look.

Bros, please how do we hook up now?

dScR?Be said...

Hey Uncle Las,

I'm missing "Girl Whisperer" Editions for February 17th and 24th... I'm sure you can do something about this.

I look forward to your unwavering cooperation. Thank you very much.


Araceli said...

TIME, please. And the cost of tickets. Maybe I can help you sell some tickets. For a commission.


PS. But I will still post my commentary of the V- monologues. No hard feelings, laspapi

laspapi said...

@ jinta- half a dozen of one and six of another?

@ ms catwalq- excuse my lack of modesty, but I've been making history awhile.

@ mimi- how've you been? I'll stop by.

@ jaycee- opportunity cost, jaycee.

@ ink- we're doing our best to make it work, ink.

@ toks boy- it must have been gbajumo. Looking forward to having you at the show(s)

@ n.i.m.m.o.- don't call us, we'll call you (just kidding). I'll swing by.

@ 1st Pet- Hey ScRiBe, didn't think you'd notice. I'll sort that out at once.

@ abuja walkabout- I'll get the KIND team to reach you, they're the ones selling tickets. I'll post the show times very shortly too.

As per reviews, literture allows commentary. The very nature of art compels it.

Afrobabe said...

Wow, that photo makes u want to go for the event....striking....I wish....

Allied said...

how come all the plays i want to see is always so far far away?...

If you want to use my recent story.. you can !!! no fees (But you can record it for me *wink)

Anonymous said...

good luck with The Monologues..dude..u doing great things!!the sky is the limit!

Thirty + said...

No England dates on that list, so e never complete.

So in my subliminal state of sleep Sunday night, I was directing an actor/actress to start their lines from centre stage.

Old boy the stage is beckoning strongly to me o.

Anyway booni e don tay wey I come this side, take kia.

Black Man Comes said...

Ehn ehn laspapi. WOman say make u extend your show, that one is under your powers one time u made it happen, i ask say make u extend the monologues that one is beyond ur powers. ah ko da bayi o.
abeg do something about it make i come watch one of ur shows man.

laspapi said...

@ afrobabe- it would have been good to have you there, a-babe

@ allied- I wish I had come across yours earlier. We have a similar one, "A Culture Of Silence". I'll get a recording of the show for you, however.

@ pink satin- Thanks for this, Ms. Satin. Really encouraging.

@ 30+ England ke? We'll get there. As for directing actors, Freud told me to ask whether you were looking for a more interesting job ;P

@ black man- ah, it's not up to me to change the dates for these productions o. K.I.N.D. is in charge of this one. I do hope you can make one, though.