Friday, February 29, 2008


dScR?Be said...


*PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!*

Keep up the good work Uncle Las! Can't wait 2 move back so I can impact my country too!!! under ur tutelage of course!!!

I'm so excited man!! please tape it oh so that i can view it laters.. matter of fact youtube it if possible! PLEASE......

Bless u. 1

Jinta said...

this one wey be like say e go hot so, u sure say i no go carry mysel come abuja like this?

Sherri said...

what a cast!
should be a phenomenal show..

Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

This should be super fun. Well done Laspapiscosco!

Im wondering why its only 300 on that particular day?

Please make it available on tape, i wanna watch. Im sure i'll like this version.

...toyintomato said...

for we out of the country people,that cant watch the play and i would love to read the script, for the naija version of the vagina monologues.

are you guys planing to sell the script as a book or upload a website with the scripts..or what do you have in mind..

a curious mind...hahaha

** big congratulations to you and the whole team and even the behind the scenes people,

i was involved n a version of vagina monologue play at school and i know all the effort it took from everyone.

Flourishing Florida said...

this is not clear o. but a friend told me abt its presentation in abuja, & am definitely going.

africa entertainment plus sports said...

Hey, you got me there!I was flowing with the whole 'tutorial' on crush,crush,crush, only to crash headlong on the V Monoloque thing.I should be at one of the lagos shows,probably Muson,but I want to request of you influential guys in theatre:please consider doing afternoon shows,starting at say,12noon or Ipm,so we can take our entire family to the shows and still be able to drive back home early enough under the full sunlight.

On the main ( well,presumably!) issue of 'crush',I disagree with you on the medical angle you brought in.Having a crush on someone is normal and very natural.It is a thing of the mind;and inside the brain,the crush Laspapi has for Navratilova for instance is of equal strength as that of any other fan of hers.It is how they display this outwardly that differs;this has to do with maturity,age,temperament,etc.

And by the way,I have a crush on one of your cast,Kate Henshaw-Nuttal (respectfully Mrs)!Fortunately she doesn't do that many films, otherwise my pocket would have been in trouble (please watch Stronger Than Pain,where she was simply majestic)- but I can picture you chuckling,because you have at least one assured ticket-buyer for your lagos show!!!!