Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Can't get enough of myself

Got mail from a lady I'd never met, It did my ego a world of good. 'Ori mi wu o, e la gi mo (My head swells, Hit me with a stick- Roof Top MCs)

My name is Aderinsola and by the nature of my job (public relations) I get to see the papers everyday & I get to read your 'Girl Whisperer' once in a while. I was particularly amused by the thoroughbred theory and I thought you were another specie male trying to accuse us of what you turned us into.

By the way, I am not a thoroughbred in the sense of your categorization because I defend myself when necessary & never leaves it to anyone to do for me except the big man upstairs.

You know what? That is not the reasopn for this mail. I saw V-monologues at the MUSON on 14th & my heart stopped. It was beautiful. I missed it last year because I was working in a TV station & couldn't see it. But I'm glad I got to see this Nigerian story you directed. Thanks Wole for making my year. I kept raving about it to all my girlfriends & I will by God's grace see it again next time.

At some point I had to question where the actresses got their lines because they were simply magical & magnetic. But when I heard you were the Director, I said 'ah the thoroughbred man.'

Your cast was beautiful & I particularly like the way the V-word was flying around without being obsene.

The star of the night for me was Omonor especially in the trafficked girl's monologue. The lines took me deep into the soul of a trafficked girl. I also loved Ashionye's monologue on maintenance culture even though she was talking more to herself in her monologue on the woman who dared to fight back (that's the category I truly belong).

Kate Henshaw's monologue on women who had ruled in the past was really inspiring and I would have really loved Funmi Iyanda's monologue on 'The Woman Died' but she didn't deliver it well in my opinion (no offence intended please).

On the whole, I left the Agip recital hall of MUSON Centre that day fulfilled, proud, and overwhelmed with the fact that I am a woman and that I've got power that should be used to better the world. Thanks for this special gift. See you again next year. God bless you.


dScR?Be said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! hehehehehehe

Kiibaati said...

I will not dare hit you on the head but a pat on the back should be in order. Pity, I missed it. Any encore soon?

Woomie O! said...

jolanaibi-the blogger could use ur help.
something to do with stuff that was in one of ur ur v/monos scrpts.
c wot u can do.

take care of you.


went thru a post in ur're right...not everyone's a lair in Naija...we shldn't always think d worst of ppl.

Sherri said...

pls apply cold compress.

ibiluv said...

caught it on the 19th...
one word.......FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dScR?Be said...

i hereby SCENT-MARK u!!!!!!

read ur bro's blog

Unknown said...


Would really like to see the vagina monologues when I'm in naija later in the year. How long is it on for?

Sounds really good from all the reviews I've seen so far. Well done. I keep remembering that somewhat innocent teenager from the B/A days. Now a man who stands tall amongst men.

By the way, I've changed my blogger id. Click on my name and you'll see what I mean.

Cheers and peace.

Jinta said...

the sort of validation that counts

soupasexy said...

its just not fair how the names cnt tell if we are females or males, i tot u were male until i read the end..

nice one tho, i recently saw one of those and my mouth hung open all

Babawilly said...

Congrats on the show.

Unknown said...

Hey, Laspapi.
It was a good job u did with the play. I gave an account of my experience on watching the play at the theatre. I hope u'll agree with my observation.

Penis Diatribe?

Joy Akut said...

i really really wanted to see this years v-monologue especially as it had the nigerian factor. unfortunately i was out of town.

heard it was beyond great in an encapturing magical way(okay that was my way pf trying to sound like NYT critic)

first time here. cool

africa entertainment plus sports said...

From what I heard,the show was great.I couldn't 'escape'from my work to catch the Muson show as intended.Kudos.

Rombo said...

:-). Good on you Laspapi. How you?