Wednesday, June 18, 2008


laspapi's been busy with the auditions for the up-coming stage performance on the roots of African Dance commissioned by Obuks and Elvina Ibru. The dance-drama featuring some of the best dancers in the land, will trace the roots of most dances back to Africa, the motherland.

Those of you who have wondered why Tap-Dancing looks so familiar will realize it's because it came out of the Western Nigerian Bata dance. There are dances from all over Africa featured.

The Executive producers of the work are Obuks and Elvina, laspapi directs the performance (which he also wrote) and it will be ably choreographed by Frank (of the 1st Big Brother Nigeria House).

In picture 1,from left, Elvina and Obuks contemplate some of the dancers at the auditions. In picture 2, Frank runs some of the dancers through their paces.


Anonymous said...

wow!did tap dancing really come out of the BATA dance!!!

laspapi said...

Many dances came out of our stuff here... watch the tap-dance and then look at our equivalent.

Kamala the wrestler used to do a form of what is now known as 'Krumping'

Uzo said...

Hmm....Just tried to call to ask when and where this will be on? Tres exciting....