Wednesday, June 18, 2008

laspapi will be working with Mo Abudu, Talk Show Executive Producer and Host of 'Moments with Mo' in the new season as her script writer.

The Season will celebrate Africa in all its beauty, as it was then, as it is now and its potential for the future. Topics will have a wide range, covering-

1. Health and Beauty
2. Fashion
3. Dance
4. Music
5. Art and Culture
6. Business
7. African Kingdoms
8. Food
9. Our Resources e.g. cocoa, oil, rubber, etc
10. Relationships, (Love and others)
11. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things
12. Inventors

If you have ideas about this (and others) you'd like to see featured on the African theme, you can write me at


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

laspapi said...

@ African Loft- Thanks, a-y.

@ pink satin- Thank you very much, p-satin. Sent the e-address as you requested.

Uzo said...

Nice..You my former life when i used to do that other thing, we developed the cocept for the show and got the financiing and packaging...

Good for you dear...

QMoney said...

I like Mo Budu's show oh and she likes to talk about her kids.....she's not married yeah??
i like d love and relationship one,i shall let u know wen i thinkup sumtin

Cheetarah said...

Ah papi havent been in these parts in awhile, how goes it? Moments with mo' eh? good on you. I useta be a script writer dor some shows a long time ago and voice over, it drove me up the wall when they didnt follow the scriptlol! Control freak me! Obv never seen the show,no mnet in these parts,lol! But on the music & maybe fashion if its there I can help u out if u get stuck for ideas...Peace out!(lol)

dScR?Be said...

ah.. anoder one? Congratulobia mentor!!! I have the right mentor indeed!

Babawilly said...

Nice one.