Friday, June 27, 2008

laspapi is in the process of shooting a documentary on inner city violence focusing on young females. The scope will cover sexual as well as physical and emotional abuse. The project was commissioned by the Ajegunle Community Project, one of the 5 Non-Governmental Organizations that sponsored the V Monologues- The Nigerian Story.
In the picture, I show off my camera. He is named after the Lagos slang which means 'to comprehend'- Ja-si


bArOquE said...

sounds like an interesting one, hope we'd get to see it...& is that camera meant to be like really 'toit' because, me i no know

Frances Uku said...

papilolo, we seem to be in communion yet again. would you believe i was just having a conversation with one of my classmates from my supposedly ajebutta secondary school in eko, and we BOTH had stories of sexual abuse at the hands of adult men? our situations were handled quite differently, and only recently have i understood exactly why, but if we, the so-called ajebuttas went through that, i leave you to extrapolate what must be going on in the inner city. e ku ise.

africa entertainment plus sports said...

Laspapi:Director,playwright,guitarist,romance writer,psychologist,scriptwriter........Is there something else we don't know,befpore you shock us again ?!

The Activist said...

I love this initiative. Pls keep us posted. I would to be invloved in this but how I dont know.

Laspapi, I said I would love to meet Soyinka on my 30th b'day same day as his b'day but u r yet to give me a reply

laspapi said...

'allo baroque- we'll try to make it available here and outside our shores. And the camera is 'toit'.

@ frances- ah, doppelganger, tales abound of abuse. If you'd been around, I'd have tried to get you to talk on how kids can cope with such matters.
But there'll be many other projects...

@ africa- you se'f are a multi-tasker. Life is short, let's live dangerously.

@ standtall- I'll see how you can contribute to this and get back to you.
The Soyinka issue...One never knows where the grandmaster is at anytime. When a dinner was organized for him by the sponsors of the Season last year, he was on a train going into Rome. If he's around this time, I can try to get you to say hello at a show or something...

Nigerian Drama Queen said...

Wow im really impressed with this. Thank you for continuing to explore the topics that have been hushed for so long. Good luck with this...hope we will get to see part of it?!

Babawilly said...

Good! Hope project goes well

Woomie O! said...

Papi, i hope it's not done yet.
Whatever you do, don't forget these 'house-girls', from the villages, from Niger, Badagry, Benin, Gbogan...everywhere.
My heart bleeds for them.
Lives with little or (in most cases) no impact.
One would think that slavery has been abolished, but it's all around us...and people haven't realised how bad it is...yet.
This time it's not even as polished as t'was's BLACKS against blacks.
These girls should G.A.L( Get A Life)
I can't wait to see.

Tell me if I can help, please.

Don't forget what I said about Ja-Si, I mean it gan o...Keep him away, I may just 'adopt' him LOL...he's adorable. Nothing like my easy-share. Take his picture down *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

Oh well, you know what they say, 'the envious man loses weight when he sees other people getting fat' LOL.


dScR?Be said...

how do u do all this???

Unknown said...

Good job Laspapi!

Warm regards to 'Ja si' ;)

In my head and around me said...

Wondering why you are referring to yourself in the 3rd person.

flygirlbidiish said...

that's really lovely i do hope i get to see the documentary(ies)
all the best oh!
ja-si camera rocks!!! worked with one of those before, my skinny shoulders didn't handle some shots properly tho

Sherri said...

nice cam!
mucho luck with that project, that's a very serious issue.

Allied said...

I am still vexing with you. Where is the recording you promised me? Eh? Where is it? I have to go and buy more candles for your shine.. I am looking for “abela pupa” they only have white scented ones in the states.

I hope to catch one of your plays when i come to Nigeria

bumight said...

this is a laudable project. hopefully 'll get to see it once its completed. big ups papi!

laspapi said...

@ nigerian drama queen- thanks a lot for the encouragement. I think the documentary will be on the web as well, I'll provide a link once sorted.

@ baba willy- thanks, doc

@ woomie- thanks for the extra dimension suggested. I'll look to that as well. Ja-si's got a twin now, Ja-f'extra. I'll put a picture of them both online soon.

@ 1st Pet- Hey ScRiBe, God alone knows.

@ aloofa- Thank you very much, Chris

@ in my head- you just noticed? Its always been that way. I'm like Superman and Clark Kent.

@ fly girl- thanks a lot. Your camera comment made me smile, you should have used a tripod.

@ sherri- thanks a lot, babe. I'm taking the matter seriously.

@ allied- sorrrrryyyy nah.... You better catch the play o! Let me know when you're coming in?

@ bumight- thanks, bumight, thanks a lot.

Woomie O! said...

oh hell!
i don't want to see...
*sniff* *sniff*

Unbiased said...

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When the time comes vote for your girl. aight?

BlogVille Idol said...


dScR?Be said...

okay oh.. just b/c i seemingly "stopped" reading my weekly stuvs...

Please put it up.

Thanks... DScR?Be awaits The Whisperer