Friday, February 13, 2009

25 Random Things About Me.

(Was tagged on Facebook by Peju Alatishe. Thought I'd put it up here as well)

1. I don't drink tea or coffee or take custard, Quaker oats, macaroni, spaghetti.

2. I hate to carry long conversations in the mornings.

3. I'm a borderline tv/cinema addict.

4. I'll always read comics, I have a PS3 in my office.

5. EVERYTHING you really need to know, you learnt by age 12

6. I never smoked or drank.

7. Your blood are not those you are related to but those you would shed your blood for.

8. There is no one who knows what love is.

9. The world is full of talented, homeless people. Consistency is the key.

10. You'll succeed in what you're passionate about.

11. I have selective amnesia concerning sad things.

12. I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.A bird will drop frozen dead from its bough without ever having felt sorry for itself - D.H. Lawrence.

13. I love history.

14. Amazing things happen sometimes which make me feel I was predestinated for some things (Hitler must have felt the same)

15. As a child, I wondered why people weren't all made of shiny steel so they didn't have to suffer pain or die terrible deaths.

16. As an adult, I'm still puzzled.

17. Sometimes I wake up and without forethought tell myself I will cease talking to someone (Some unconscious computing?)

18. There is no such thing as spontaneous combustion. The underbrush was on fire all the while.

19. I wept like a child when I heard Rashidi Thanni, my friend from childhood who roamed the streets alongside me on dusty feet had died.

20. National Geographic and the History Channel are dangerous to the thinking Christian.

21. You're dead if you take life too seriously.

22. I'd like to retire to a comfortable, spacious house, with a grassy frontage, lots of books, a well-stocked fridge, soft music and a large tv.

23. Sometimes I buy stuff from people because I feel sorry for them.

24. My default setting is not to give beggars money.

25. The world has many good people. Sometimes you have to remind them of who they really are.


NoLimit said...

I guess #17 is closely related to #18

iEsquire said...

I like tags. You know why? It's not because they are fun. It's because they provide me with more inside-scoop about my most favorite people. Will you do me the honor of another tag: two truths, one lie? Check my blog for more details.

theicequeen said...

11. I have selective amnesia concerning sad things.

^^i totally share that with you!!! i subcounsciously black out unpleasant things from my past...i would not be able to function if i didn't!!!

and 23 too...arghhh! i can buy something cuz i feel sorry for the person having to stand under the sun all day..or even more annoying is that i get home with pockets full of flyers because i feel SO sorry for the people handing them in, if you see the way people ignore them, you'll be heartbroken :P..and they look so grateful when u take a flyer....

MissI said...

Totally feel u on 7,8 and 21. REALLY??!! @ #6.
Share #11,17 and 23..LOL! Think #17 is real weird, tho.