Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I've been locked away in a hotel since the night of Sunday the 2nd Of December and not due for release till Thursday the 6th.

The occasion? A writers' workshop for the adaptation of the Vagina Monologues, 'localizing' it and making it even more suitable for our environment.

The project is sponsored by the Dutch-based CORDAID and spear-headed in Nigeria by the Kudirat Initiative For Democracy (KIND), supported by Project Alert, Media COncern Initiative, The Ajegunle Community (ACP) Project and the Civil Liberties Organization (CLO).
laspapi will be directing the performances in March of next year.

Top photo shows laspapi and Tunde Aladese. Tunde also writes for True Love Magazine and is an Associate Producer on the talk show, "Moments with Mo".

3rd photo shows all the writers-(2nd from left) Ijeoma Ogwuegbu who also writes for the Sun Newspaper and is a regular on Funmi Iyanda's 'New Dawn' Talk show as a member of the Monday Women's Panel and extreme right, Princess Olufemi Kayode, who is Executive Director of Media Concern.

Bottom photo shows (from left) Josephine Effah-Chukwuma- Executive Director of Project Alert, Princess Olufemi-Kayode and Amy Oyekunle-Executive Director Of KIND.

As you can see, laspapi is the only male in a project made up of women. The 'Girl Whisperer' tag is not for nothing.


Uzo said...

Wait a minute...Are you at Governor's Hotel? LOL...

I have been living in a hotel out of Lagos for the past 4 weeks so i bet i am more fed up than you are...

Ms. Catwalq said...

1. I see some points from the workshop on the wall...and I am salivating

2. Do we get another unpublished "Girl Whisperer" or something?

3. That's a hotel conference room? I am so going to make money designing...

4. So when I should I come for my screen test? Or casting, or what ever u like to call it?

Ore said...

That must have been an intense process i.e. being cooped up for 5 days to thrash out a script.

I cannot wait to watch the Nigerianised version though.

Jinta said...

Locked away with all those women discussing vigina what???

Prousette said...

I have always thought you were a girl from the first posts I read which did not reveal the gender.
Mea culpa!

What would you do if you were a girl for one day?

dScR?Be said...

noooo!!! u had a workshop and I wasn't there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ah me!
They had the Vagina Monologues presentation at my school too.. who knows I could be helpful (the acting and writing part)

Have a great weekend!

laspapi said...

@ catwalq-

1)drool, baby, drool. The taste of this pudding is in the eating.

2)Soon, catwa'q

3) Na you know o! They gave us a large room to accommodate the 20 or so people who attened.

4) When you make it to Nigeria

@ prousette- hmmm, what would I do? I've never thought of that, prousette. I cant honestly say.

2ndcorin- The writing...If you have stuff peculiar to Nigeria pertaining to violence on women(child abuse, incest, child prostitution, rape, trafficking, VVF, HIV, Female Genital Mutilation etc) and the celebration of womanhood, please send them to me.

Acting- you have to be in the country.

dScR?Be said...

ok!! Fiction

laspapi said...

When comments are made on this blog, I usually see all the messages first in my yahoo! mail but lately, I've had to doublecheck. Comments from Uzo, Ore and Jinta went straight to "moderate comments" on blogger but I wasn't notified through yahoo! I just wandered into blogger and saw the messages waiting.

@ Uzo- Living in hotels and not having to do any kind of cleaning can be great fun. It can also be mind-bending. Plus eating 4 square meals a day (I wrote four) can cause lethargy.

@ Ore- It was intense, Ore. I'm looking forward to directing the play too.

@ jinta- It was different though. Looking into the minds of so many women was liberating but also often bewildering

anonymous gal(retired blogger) said...

hey u like wahala o. uma wan bring that controversial stuff up. hiya i would watch at the side.