Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Men of all ages interested in being part of a group of Professionals and Students in weekly friday night 5-a-side football on Artificial Turf in relaxed surroundings somewhere in Ikoyi.

Spectators stands and comfortable lounge available for guests.

Game starts at 8pm every Friday under floodlights.

Limited spaces available.



Ms. Catwalq said...

Limited spaces ko, goal keeper ni
U are more people to baptise like you did Toksboy abi?

Anyways, sha arm yourselves with rob

Mimi said...

that's discrimination!! what happened to women??

Nneka's World said...

I second you! lol!
Wish i could join....but alas, i am not a "footie person" i get my "work out" from watching the "match". I wld tell me bro since he is a football maniac... LOL

Uzo said... office does this sometimes...LOL...I just show up looking cute and bored...

laspapi said...

@ catwalq- you should have seen the blogger, "omo alagbede" during his own baptism today. Now he needed rob.

@ ~mimi~ come play now! Volenti non fit injuria. (No harm is done to he [or she] who consents)

@ nneka- tell your bro, nneka, its great fun.

@ uzo- now I know, uzo. The next time I see an aloof female who looks at us as if we're a disturbed specie when we play, I'll know its a front. How've you been?