Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Theatre@Terra presents the world premiere of the Stage Drama, 'The Wives', written by Dr Ahmed Parker Yerima, Director General Of The National Arts Theatre and Artistic Director of the Nigerian National Troupe.

THE WIVES: Everyone has something to hide. A wealthy man dies and many hidden things about the dearly beloved dead patriarch are brought to light as his wives converge, unearthing family secrets and broken taboos.

The play will be directed by Wole Oguntokun.

Date: Sunday the 16th, December
Venue: Terra Kulture
Time: 3pm & 6pm.


Uzo said...

Sounds interesting....

Black Man Comes said...

Laspapi, I am not able to visit Lasgidi this year as I had thought. So all this drama, and play and theater... how we go do am now? You for produce some nice quality (I trust you) DVD abi you fo organize private showing for awon boys sometime next year when I will be more able to visit?

laspapi said...

you should come, uzo.

@ black man- when you visit, black man, we'll organize. And who knows, we might be in a city near you soon.

rethots said...

That can't be all for December?