Saturday, October 21, 2006

For the 3rd year in a row, Molara Wood is calling for writers' contributions, to help compile a list of the Books of the Year. Books read/published this year would be the main focus; not-so-recent books that have impressed you during 2006, would also be eligible.

So, she would be grateful to receive titles of the 2 books you enjoyed reading most this year. The works could be in any genre. Please provide brief commentary - in no more than 50-100 words - to explain why you have chosen these particular books. Every comment will be credited when the list of Writers' Best Books of 2006 is published.

Please do not select a book written/published by yourself.

Your book choices must be with her by Friday 3rd November

This is open to all African writers on any continent.

(p.s. from laspapi) I guess blogging qualifies as writing too. There's the incredible Rombo in Kenya amongst others

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R said...

Laspapi, I'm in between places, just waiting to get from here to there so I started surfing the net and ended up doing a vanity search. This came up.

You are so precious. Wonderful for the ego. Thanks much. God bless you.