Tuesday, October 24, 2006

For Vanatu Powers
(International Woman of Mystery)

Its dark in this place, Vanatu

Though fires burn outside in the night

But I'll sit in this corner, Vanatu

Sword on knees, hoping for daylight

......and willing that you return

If you cannot come back, Vanatu

I'll trust you didn't give up without a fight

I'll know you were overwhelmed, dear Vanatu

By sheer force of numbers, by might

Then I'll murmur a quick prayer, Vanatu

On my knees, head resting on hilt

A prayer of thanks, of gratefulness, Vanatu

That we found joy in what we built

And then I shall join the fray, Vanatu

Though they stand ten-deep at the door

knowing friends live for each other, my Vanatu

or lay down lives when asked for more

Wole Oguntokun Oct 23, 2006.


Ms. Pepeiye said...
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Anonymous said...

What makes Vanatu so intriguing if one might ask?