Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mona, the UK-based blogger who updates on the Nigerian Entertainment scene more than most Nigerian newspapers. I thought I'd take a closer 'look' at the virtual picture since she's refused to paste live ones of herself. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...


Asewo ni e, o kan fee check out shape obinrin yen ni. Reminds you of Jessica Rabbit, no?

Asewo buruku;-)


Aramide said...

hahahah lol @ funmilayo...if only i looked anythin like the pic lol

thanks for the big up laspapi :o)

Anonymous said...

i check your blog regularly. i find it very relaxing, unpredictable and DIFFERENT. WELL DONE. you have not 'done' much of recent. Maybe you are too busy. however, i find the funmilayo "asewo buruku" a bit tasteless, unsophisticated, (and) 'humouringly' and 'unpalatably-ly' bland.

Anonymous said...

Olusola of London:

I'll have you know that 'asewo buruku' is actually a private joke (one which does not demean Mona in any way and actually compliments her) between I and Wole (laspapi who knows me v-e-r-y well). Between us, it's understood.

If you find it tasteless, well, each to their own. Tough

Aramide said...

Expecting updates soon! Meanwhile be sure to check out I wll be blogging about it soon.