Monday, October 30, 2006

The play's been done. Ola Rotimi's The Gods are not to blame as the drama presentation for the Muson Arts Festival. Beautiful response from the audience last Saturday. Great feelings of accomplishment from the cast and crew too, numbering about 50. It was my most ambitious project yet in terms of production. Below's a piece Araceli wrote about the play on her blog.

Was woken up late Sunday by a friend's call. Eyimife told me she was in Abuja and a plane had crashed. ADC airlines again. So we have proof once more of one thing, the Nigerian airspace isn't safe. Planes drop like ninepins.

We also know we have an aviation minister who never takes reponsibility. Now he blames the dead pilot for using "his initiative". The Sultan of Sokoto, his Son and Grandson, all gone, along with more than a hundred others. Infants, children, broken dreams. Lives touched in many many areas, all over the country and beyond.

They say it is illegal to import Cars older than 8 years into the country but they allow 23 year old planes to fly. It is a country without many thinkers at the helm.

I hope in 2007, the charlatans who seek to rule, will have no chance. You have to see the posters and billboards of those aspiring for the governorship of Lagos to know the mess we're in. Men who have no light of intelligence in their eyes, no furrow of knowledge on their brows, grimace and leer from hundreds of thousands of posters. Some we know of, already. Some are vaguely familiar and many others are nonentities. The trick is to make a nuisance of yourself and pray someone thinks, 'let's make this one a commissioner', when the dust settles.

In 1999, it was the practice for a few frauds masquerading as leaders of the yoruba race to tell the entire tribe whom to vote for. They handpicked candidates and we (the best educated tribe in the country) followed as if we had rings in our noses. They picked touts, illiterates, outright thieves with huge streaks of larceny in their hearts, murderers and half-wits, and told us which way to go. And these people stole the country blind.

But no more. The doddering fools have been shown for what they are. Mindless buffoons. Its time to stand up and be counted.

The country's reeling and it needs all the supportive hands it can find. Excuse my language. I wrote in pain.

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