Thursday, October 12, 2006

I have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

I haven't blogged in more than a week.

It wasn't my fault, my USB Converter for my dial-up to the internet (I'm Nigerian, I don't have broadband at home) was faulty. It took me a while to change it, and when I finally did, it refused to hook up to the modem.

So here I am at a cyber-cafe, looking over my shoulder every minute to see there's no one attempting to steal info from my in-box. And also worrying whether Ribadu (That's the head-honcho for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) might send his men to storm this cafe and cart me off as one of those who send spam-mail to Europe and America looking for dupes. Yep! They storm cafes now, carting off those with regular business as well as the 419ers. Using Cyber Cafes overnight is illegal in Nigeria now. And so even though it is broad daylight, I write at my peril. I hope to sort the USB thingy today.

In the interim (Excuse the pun)-

  • I have MCeed at a wedding where Ernest Shonekan, Head of State of the Interim Government was Chairman and who had as companions on the High Table, Presidential Hopeful, Pat Utomi as well as the not so hopeful Chief Segun Osoba, former Governor of Ogun State. It was my Sister's wedding actually. I found out what my father had meant to him as a youth. I'll never be able to call him names again.

  • I have been a guest at the LNG $20,000 award for Nigerian Literature at the Muson Centre which Ahmed Yerima won and where security had to force out a young man who had downed a glass orange juice and then of wine in rapid succession, and immediately proceeded to tear the French 'Stick' loaves as if he was beheading a chicken for some ancient sacrifice. Why am I mentioning him? I'd seen him at my sister's wedding (at the Yoruba Tennis Club) a couple of hours earlier where he was already drunk and had told someone who'd collided with him in the crowded venue that "I will stab you". The future of Nigeria? He looked normal, wore a bow tie and a jacket and had somehow managed to obtain tickets along with a male companion to the LNG event which had boasted of restricting invitations. I also found out that he had been classmates at St Gregory's College with my 29 year old younger brother.

  • I have also been directing the rehearsals of "The Gods are not to blame" thrice a week. It comes up on the 28th as part of the Muson Arts Festival. Its a race against time.

  • A Nobel Peace Prize winner wrote me and I kept him waiting because I wasn't on-line.

  • There are claims that the 3rd Mainland Bridge is shaking. Bridges aren't built as car parks. The traffic situation in Lagos ensures cars are grid-locked on the country's longest bridge for hours daily. And its been going on for years.

  • EFCC has declared the mother of the Abia State Governor, wanted for financial crimes, along with her Personal Assistant and a number of other state officials. When EFCC attempted to effect an arrest, the security operatives guarding her shot at them. I love this country.

I'd like to thank Olusola of London for appreciating my blog. All the hours of staring cube-eyed at a computer screen trying to upload photos via dial-up have not been in vain.
Talking of which I have loads of photos which I'll put up once I sort the USB thing.

For Funmilayo, whom I loved (and still do) before I met Mona, you see what happens when you don't dress provocatively. Of course I'm enthralled by Mona but it doesn't stand in the way of you and I.
Its a man-thing, we are able to love more than one person with our hearts. I should sit down and ponder on that statement. Yeah, I'm an asewo, what can I say? Its mona's mind that got me first, though.

Funmilayo is a major blogger based in london, she goes by other names on her web-site and I suspect she has M.I.6 affiliations.

Olusola of london was looking out for me not realizing Molara is one of the few people allowed to call me names. I've called her a groupie too (and I had justification. hee hee)

So I'd like to ask all not to take offence. Ore la o ma se (Friends forever).

As for mischievious Araceli, she's one of my favourite people. Her eyes dance when she talks to you.

I'll be back soon.


Frank Partisan said...

You really are busy.

It's unjust that 419ers get much more recognition, than Nigerian artists.

Araceli said...

Oh was it one week that you were away? Are you sure it didnt get to one year?

Nice to read you once again. And I can see you have been busy.

Anonymous said...

If one week means one has fallen short of the glory of God, how low does one sink after having been absent from the blogosphere for months?

Hi Laspapi. Just passing by to see if you're still alive.

Glad to see you are.


Aramide said...

lol very busy and lol @ the end, hilarious! xx

Ms. Pepeiye said...

I learned something new today, a man can love more than one woman Little wonder strange things are happening.