Tuesday, December 05, 2006


The average beggar on a busy Lagos road earns N2,500 daily and that is tax free. For those contemplating changing professions, it might be a viable option.

They stand at intersections and harass motorists, waving arm and leg stumps, tumours, hernias and distended testicles at all and sundry.

A newspaper headline a few days ago read, "Fake Breast Cancer Beggar Arrested". I'd seen this woman negotaiting traffic at the Marina, one exposed breast coated with some kind of dried mixture of powder and lotion done up in concentric rings, a few days before. I knew she was faking. Its our way here.

Begging in Nigeria is organized crime with the beggars paying dues to those that permit them to sit by the roadside. If you doubt this, give it a try sometime and see if you get home in one piece.

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Aramide said...

ure right oh! hmmm. God help us