Saturday, December 30, 2006


Another year’s gone, and isn’t this the time to resolve on a new, improved pattern for 2007?
So here goes:
  • Stop along the way to smell the roses.
  • In stopping, keep a sharp lookout for which roses would fetch a good price on the market. (Is this multi-tasking?)
  • Love with my heart, not my head.
  • Remind myself that whenever I wake up is my morning.
  • Be conscious there is a difference between motion and direction.
  • Remember that a bee is praised for its industry, a mosquito is swatted.
  • Remind myself it is better to ask dumb questions than make dumb mistakes.
  • Tell the truth and run
  • Be sure not to sweat the small stuff.
  • Remember all stuff is small stuff


Anonymous said...

I love all of them...but I'm puzzled @ "Remember that a bee is praised for its industry, a mosquito is swatted."

laspapi said...

Hi nilla,
you know the bee is lauded for being busy, the mosquito gets killed for trying to do the same.
I want to remember to do things that have value, like the bee.

Anonymous said...

You're a serious clown. All cute and I especially liked "Love with my heart, not my head". Maybe I'll take that one up myself. Nice One :-)!


Anonymous said...

@ Laspapi
I got it now :-)

Anonymous said...

Love with your head, love with your heart...

One should at least try both to know the difference.

And I think one never knows what life is all about until he/she has loved with his/her heart...

laspapi said...

@ anonymous V- You should love and do stuff with your heart- "What is this world if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare..."

@ araceli- I believe you're right, it takes a comparison between resolutions of the head and the heart, to appreciate which is better.

Same as for women who want relationships. "It takes a woman haveing a relationship with a bad man to appreciate a good one."

Aramide said...