Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Saw this glossy poster outside an eating place in Surulere, Lagos several days ago. ATMOST FEAR is what they call they the event and it looks like Nigeria's own Fear Factor. The prize for the last man trembling is $50, 000. According to the poster, 'Join us if you have the liver'Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

"The last man trembling..." I like the way you say it.

I don't even have the liver to watch FEAR FACTOR because of the yuk-iness of it. How do people do/eat all those things? - Araceli

Aramide said...

really, hmm i will visit that website...thanks for the heads up ;o)

laspapi said...

Its all about perception, Araceli. I can't hold anything that slithers in my hand but others think nothing of it

@ mona, I knew that poster would interest you. You're the one who usually unearths the events.