Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Met with Stella Damasus at her home yesterday to discuss the new take-off date of the TV programme, "The World through My Eyes", the Diva's major project which she will be hosting and laspapi producing.
Sometime in October, we start on S-TV before spreading the word on other channels, and for those of you who have fled these shores, we promise an arrangement with TV stations in your areas, you Londonese people particularly.


Uzo said...

Wow Laspapi....You are a very very busy man. How on earth do you find the time?

Ms. Catwalq said...

*raises right hand to get your attention*
Uncle I
Uncle I
I can do creative writing
I can do creative writing
Uncle I
Uncle I...

laspapi said...

@ uzo- I don't know, really. I just do these things. I'm not even certain I'm doing any more than other people.

@ catwalq- oya, stand up. Show me what you can do. Aunty Stella's watching too. You have just one chance.

ps. Its going to be a TV programme in magazine form. We won't be sitting in studios etc. TV on the run. I think it'll be beautiful.

Georgevna said...

showin some love...

Babawilly said...

Nice idea. I wish you the very best. This woman is fine sha. If I were you I would get distracted but you probably have better concentration.
Its all good.

princesa said...

Princesa is sitting in front of her T.V with popcorn ready...waiting for laspapi & Stella D's programme.

Thirty + said...

The lady is fine, and she is just 28 or so, thought she was much older. I am waiting o glued to my screen

My 2 cents said...

what about those of us in Yankee, this one na 'ojoro'.

Lighty 'neferet' Kopearl said...

well. we londonese people will be waiting. and stella, i love that woman even with her ever teary eyes. always has somthing to cry about.

well goodluck on this one.

laspapi said...

@ georgevna- Thank you, dread. Highly appreciated. how r u doing?

@ babwilly- Ah, baba willy, the world is full of beautiful women, with a great number of them in the Arts & Entertainment realm. If I allowed myself to "see" them all, I would fall apart. Stella's v. fine, sha.

@ princesa- I promise we won't disappoint you. A lot's being put into this.

@ 30+ Stella's career on the screen started early so the impression's been created that she's much older than she is.

@ my 2 cents- you know us Naija people, always looking to London first before the more complicated (even if bigger yankee market) but this programme will go everywhere. You'll see it, sooner or later where you are. Promise.

@ 100 lighty- Never seen Stella cry off-screen, though she's got very expressive eyes. Thanks for the good-wishes, lighty. Much appreciated.

Sherri said...

sounds like a good concept.
all the best o