Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ebun Olatoye, is widely known as one of the most prominent writers at True Love Magazine. Her strong interest in designs was not common knowledge, however, until now. Information about these designs can be obtained from her blog.
Below is the blog profile.

"The idea of this blog is to feature local and global design events which will inspire creativity in Nigerian artists. Photographer Ade Omolaja says "Design is Fundamental" and I agree. This is why we have collaborated to create this blog which hopefully will show Nigerians the creative genius of their counterparts around the world, and more importantly, show the world the wealth of creative genius that Nigerians have to offer. Design is indeed fundamental and the success of cities like London, Dubai and Singapore are some examples of how design and creativity can be employed to make the world pay attention. We look forward to the day when Nigeria will make the world pay attention to our creative genius."

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Ms. Catwalq said...

Thanks so much.
I have been trying unsuccessfully for over a month to get some information on nigerians/ africans in design (architecture, interiors, fashion, industrial, furniture etc). Now I have a new blog where I will be camping.
*sob* u r just feeding my blog addiction. Uncle, why?

Aijay said...

Wow! I've missed this blog. Haven't been here in a while. You've got loads of good stuff going on. Well done!!
I'm off to Ebun's.

laspapi said...

glad to be of help, catwalq.

We'll have to work on the blog addiction thing.

@ aijay- good to hear from you, aijay. Catch up with you later.