Saturday, November 17, 2007

Top Photo- laspapi (right) with the actor, Bolaji Alonge, at Kola Krakue's birthday get-together 8 days ago at the Alara House Of Pain and Pleasure.Middle Photo- Laspapi talks to Kayode Krakue

Bottom Pic- Some Members of the House of Pain and Pleasure- Eyimife Gold, Bimbo 'Benbele' Akindele


Ms. Catwalq said...

I want that shirt

Refinedone said... too.

was just about to ask, when i saw Catwalq comment :)

laspapi said...

ok, ladies. I asked for those words and the Lagos Landscape specifically. I promise you both one each. I suspect refined one will get hers first seeing she'll be here soon.

Refinedone said...

Thanks...will hold you to that.

Sherri said...

me three..
am i 2 late?

dScR?Be said...

thats laspapi!!???!! I thot u were staying anonymous?!