Friday, November 09, 2007


One of my closest and most trusted friends wrote in from the United States after reading the post above. We haven't met in years.

Oluwole O.Oguntokun, Olambiwoninu, Koselupa. I had to
respond to the above titled blog. I ran into your
blog a few months ago and from time to time I go there
to read about some "truism". Now I'm not a frequent
guest on the blogsite which explains why I just read
about the above (posted since July).

As one of your friends from the past, I do agree that
some people need to get a life. I believe people are
obssessed with the other person's past when they see
him living the kind of life they only dare to live in
their imaginary world. Personally, I believe laspapi
has come full cycle, an adult of which there are not
many around. When you live life to the fullest,
pursing your passion and exhibiting the principles of
"each man to himself, God for us all" -then you are
fit to be declared an Adult. How else do you explain
this "playwright, poet, lawyer, dreamer" all in one

I believe I'm one of the few that saw you for the real
person you are and it will only be proper to declare,
if only this once - that Laspapi has come full cycle,
fly on!!!

One last plea - do not not publish this or at least
make it anon, I think you really don't like anonymous
stuff, which is why I did not post this on your
blogsite. Just like you, some things about your
nature stays with you, I'm still a very quiet person
communicating only with those who can bring the words
out, like you.

Got to go, the people I work for in this part of the
world (my kids) just woke up. No luxury of aunty to
go and brush their teeth in readiness for breakfast.

Keep up the good work and keep in touch."


Ms. Catwalq said...

You are a brand.
I wish to make myself I look up to you....

Prousette said...

It is lovely getting to 'know' las papi a little better but where is this week's girl whisperer? sob, sob.

Thirty + said...

And your head dey swell so..huh

Stay safe and God Bless

Uzo said... sweet...I think it is really important to have friends that have been there before success (in whatever for that it comes) hits us...

You must be so proud

Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

Awwwww that was so sweet!! Awww!Awww!Awww! You're truly a brand like Catwalq said, and i believe that until people start hating on you, you havent arrived yet o, me i'm looking for haters sef, lolol.

Dont mind dem jare, after you nah FULLSTOP!!!

Laspapiscosco, how have you been? I'm going to look for clips of you on Aunty Funmis show, hehehe.

Eyin'ju Oluwa said...

Hehehe i found them, you talk like a Prof+Pastor+Lagos bigboy:D

lemonade factory said...


dScR?Be said...

wow.. Mr. Laspapi, after not visiting ur blog in a LOOOONNNG time, I'm glad i did today!
I LOOOVVVVVVVVEEEE ur blog!!! Of course u already know, u must be doing something right if u have haters...and lovers.
I wish you the best in Life jor.

Now, on to these plays! Gosh dude, I REALLY like what you are doing... for realz... wish i could come on board. Theres so much Nigerians could do with the arts, so many avenues that have never been explored. Talent just lies dormant... *sigh*
Lemme stop ranting sha, take care of urself...