Sunday, November 25, 2007

I play 5-a-side soccer weekly and after having dinner with the blogger, Toks boy, he expressed his desire to be part of this regular team. There was a mix-up however and toks had to get his first game in a long while playing with a team of strangers. Read his baptism of fire here.


Babawilly said...

I love you choice of photograph. Who says you don't have great taste!

lemonade factory said...

abajo papi me sef dey wonder,haha i said i knew this face from somewhere,so it was u at the last under 17 world cup, u were kinda outstanding cos u looked too old to pass for an under 17,me sef dey wonder lol!!!!

how u doing though

jasco said...

Enjoying the notes on your blog.
I will hope to join you on a Friday football during my next visit to Lagos.

Man from Uxbridge, UK ( jaco )