Friday, November 09, 2007

Was on Funmi's show on Wednesday the 7th to discuss issues of the heart. Not funmi's or mine, but that of people who felt Funmi's wisdom and the practicality of the Whisperer might be of help to them.


Babawilly said...

Laspapi, Laspapi, Laspapi, mi ni, how many times did I call you...

The way you are gazing into F. Iyanda's eyes so. Ehen, me I dey suspect you o.

The set of the show looks nice sha. Baffs sef dey correct.
Its all good.

Thirty + said...

Ope o I thought I was the only one who observed the gaze.

Mr Oluwole, you are single now shey?! Just wondering.

Ms. Catwalq said...


Gazing into eyes...biko, I would like to know the answer to 30+ question