Friday, March 20, 2009

Death and the King’s Horseman

By Wole Soyinka

Nigeria 1943. The King is dead, and tonight his Horseman must escort him to the Ancestors. Set against the conflict of indigenous and invader, Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka’s extraordinary play uses the Yoruba custom of ritual suicide and the transition from the living to the dead to examine the power of human will. This vibrant production boldly celebrates the rhythm of Yoruba customs through dance, drumming and storytelling.

For those of you who care to remember, laspapi was the consultant to the National Theatre (UK) Crew (consisting of Rufus Norris, Katrina Lindsay, Javier De Frutos, Peter Badejo and Sabine Lemaitre) which came down to Nigeria to research this Soyinka play. The crew and laspapi travelled to Ibadan, Oyo town, Abeokuta (to shop and see Soyinka), Badagry and the more ethnic Lagos Island markets.

The play will continue at the Olivier Hall of the National Theatre in London until May. For the Nigerians (and friends of Nigeria) who miss the ol' country, this is a must-see. It promises to be a different experience.

Check out exclusive rehearsal photos:

From 1 April

Travelex £10 tickets.


Shubby Doo said...

thank u for this reminder. Jeremy Weate did a post about it in december. couldn't manage to catch it at the end of last year in nigeria so i was hoping to do so in london in april.

can't wait!!!

Lost at The End said...

Thanks for the post, man. I hope they make a good video production of the performance.

flygirlbidiish said...

lovely!!!! does it continue till end of may?

'dara said...

Thanks for this! I look forward to seeing it, i'm a great fan of your work.

laspapi said...

@ shubby doo- it was my pleasure. I hope to see it on the 8th of April, myself.

@ Lost- I don't know if the NT guys make videos of their stage performances but Sky Arts is using footage I shot of the UK crew in Nigeria for a documentary on the play

@ flygirl- I think it'll be on till may

@ glad I could be of service, dara, and thanks.