Saturday, August 25, 2007

Funmilola Iyanda's birthday party held at "Reeds", Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, on the night of the 27th of July. Guests numbering about 30 gathered to celebrate a loyal friend and Nigeria's day-time 'Queen of the Screen' and then went dancing after.

In the pictures-
a)Funmi talks to the Sports Administrator, Segun Odegbami and the legal practitioner, Jide Bello.
b) Denrele Edun, the Television presenter of Sound City (nearest to camera) sits with Bill and another
c) Some artiste at the restaurant tried his hand at a water-melon rose.
d) This snazzy fellow turned heads when he entered.


Mimi said...

that watermelon rose looks nice, but doesn't look very edible.

how r u papi?

Ms. Catwalq said...

1. I am mad, i did not get an invite

2. That watermelon is interesting

3. Is the snazzy dude without a shirt? no wonder he got attention...looks like a light skinned oswald

laspapi said...

~mimi~ You know we couldn't touch it till we left? It was too well-crafted.
I've been well, my idol. Life goes on and I'm trying to make it worthwhile.

@ catwalq-

1. When you're around, I'll invite you everywhere.

2. hmmmpfff! to the untouchable melon.

3. He wore a shirt...hehe.

Nonesuch said...

the watermelon looks gorgeous. The snappy dude is Emmy Collins Designer extraordinaire. I wish i had the guts to wear one of his hot hawt dresses or shorts.
happy birthday to Funmi

Lola said...

awww......funmi is trying to copy my style (yes i DID just say that!)i'll expound on that later i guess....

reeds has good food but they are expensive, don't u think so? y'all look like you had fun!

Sherri said...

looks like u guys had a good tiking time..

omohemi Benson said...

The snazzy fellow will be emily collins,nigerian designer.

nice pictures, sure you had fun!

Babawilly said...

Nice happy pictures. I suddenly feel hungry

laspapi said...

@ nonesuch - Shows how much I know about the fashion world, not being able to put a name to the face.

@ lola- we had fun! There was food everywhere and I'd had too much before the main course. It looked like an expensive place though, don't know how much funmi spent paying that bill.

@ sherri- It was good fun, sherri

@ omohemi- everyone knows emmy collins but me...

@ babawilly- If you'd seen the food...I went after the prawns as if I was a pirate of the carribean