Sunday, August 19, 2007

I saw the message below from google today. I thought nothing of it until I saw the message had been repeated in Norse (is that what they call the language of those based in the Scandinavian part of Europe?) and sent to both my yahoo and gmail addresses. This is a message generated when you forget your password. I have no reason to forget a password I use all the time for more than one purpose. Someone had been trying to get on my blog and my e-mail accounts (access private documents and pass off as me?) Google's use of language (and a lack of intelligence by the would-be hacker) helps locate the base of this person.

I consider myself a busy, productive person, relevant in the society I dwell in, and cannot fathom being obsessed over like this, day and night. But it's finally dawned on me that I am not dealing with reason. I'll be taking concrete legitimate steps to protect myself henceforth.

Blogger Account Information

Hi there,

Your blog, , is associated with the Google Account username . Please use this Google Account username to log in to Blogger and access your blog.

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking this link:

This account is a member of the following blogs:

If you experience any problems or have further questions, please visit our help site at

Yours sincerely,
The Blogger Team

Subject- Googles hjälp med lösenord

Om du vill inleda processen för att återställa lösenordet för ditt
Google-konto besöker du länken nedan

Om länken ovan inte fungerar kopierar du och klistrar in webbadressen
i ett nytt webbläsarfönster i stället.Tack för att du använder

Om du har frågor eller funderingar angående ditt konto kan du läsa
våra vanliga frågor om Google-konton på

Detta är endast ett mailutskick. Detta meddelande besvaras eller
granskas inte.


olofofo said...

Your blog and your email have been hacked into. Somebody is in pocession of all your mails and documents.

laspapi said...

this comment came in a few minutes after I posted, meaning there are people whose lives no longer have meaning except they fixate on others, who spend their lives hunched, toad-eyed,sweltering in advanced stages of paranoia and dementia, over computers, watching .. Whether, this blogger who deliberately misspelt "possession" and whose link leads nowhere is connected to the matter or not, this person is ill and needs help. You also underestimate the Nigerian legal system and the fact that all kinds of criminal internet activity can be traced. The world is a global village now.

Naija Vixen said...

Change your password and security questions asap...and save&delete any crucial documents...and dont click on any links too...people sha!

kokolette said...

wish people will just grow up and find jobs or hobbies!
what is blogsville turning into anyway?
wasn't it supposed to be all fun and a place of release...the sick people should pls leave!

Unknown said...

It has happened to the best of us. It's nothing new. I suggest you change your passwords periodically.
I've been a victim and it wasn't pretty. Nasty pornography was sent to my brother in law from my mail box. Imagine what effect that could have on normal relations. It wasn't pretty. I had to make my sister understand that I didn't desire her husband before she even had such a thought.

I had to start explaining and emailing everyone on my contact list ....just in case the nutjob did it again.

olofofo may have just signed on your blog with his/her gmail the trail wouldn't lead to a blog if there isn't any. Google allows this.

Who would want to hack into someone else's email box?...then again the net is full of nut jobs.

laspapi said...

@ vixen- thanks for this, dami.

@ kokolette- you got the word, "sick" right, only this one is releasing sickness online.

@ serious- I know who this would-be hacker is, Serious. It's a "fatal attraction" thing.

Mimi said...

na wa oh. Groupie, it all comes with the . After all, you're a bonafide star :)

its ok, let them not have their lives, just protect yours :)

Kiibaati said...

Change ur password asap and watch where u use the net. This could be potentially serious in everyway imaginable. what if the person was trying to spoof you to commit fraud?

uknaija said...

Oh dear- you don't own a pet rabbit do you?

Ms. Catwalq said...

na wah o.
This blogville has now become a breeidng ground for criminals. Why must naija people always spoil whatever it is that they have that is good.
I know it is a naija person.
Please be careful.
Oh, and i don't know how possible this is or how much computer expertise you have but isthere a way to put a nice african butt with an instruction to kiss it if someone tries to hack into your account? You know, instead of a nice try again, an ijo ya type gyrating backside will just appear and say "Kiss my beautiful ( and in your case, manly) african derriere....

Thirty + said...

Where is the safe place this day, I want to carry my kaya go antartica o.
I can't believe folks sit down and actually do sturves like this

Uzo said...

Well hon, this just means that you are officially a celebrity...LOL

Its absurd..

♥♫♪nyemoni♫♪♥ said...

Is this for shizzle my nizzle? Na wah o! Nyemoni was here...

have a good week!

Idemili said...

I think I shall quit blogging. What's the point? So much nastiness and falsehood. We don't even know who is whom or what really is going on.

laspapi said...

~mimi~ I'm learning to protect mine. Many friends have told me your words- Fame, like light, will attract bugs. I'm only starting to see it now.

@ kiibaati- There must have been criminal intent. I mean, I'd be afraid to sit at a computer that had an e-box open and not signed out of, talk less of trying to open a box that contained "kiibaati's"
I use the Starcomms EV-DO Broadband with my laptop so rarely if ever need public computers.

@ uknaija- you'll have to break that down for this Nigerian.

@ catwalq- that gyrating backside image made me smile. Yeah, it was a Nigerian. Loneliness causes a lot of things.

@ 30+ I can't go anywhere till I retire but antartica wouldn't be too far to shield oneself from the obsessed.

@ uzo- you quoted funmi iyanda almost word for word.

@ nyemomi- how are you doing, 'moni. It's peculiar.

@ idemili- but quit for this type of person? By the way, these oddballs believe I like you.

Unknown said...

what's the purpose of posting this on here though? if it is in fact someone who reads your blog trying to "hack" into you account, aren't you simply just adding more kerosene into the fire? wouldn't it be better to just douse the flame by changing your passwords, merging your accounts, moving on and never mentioning it on your blog? Honestly if you ignore it, they will eventually get bored and leave you be.

laspapi said...

kpakpando, I get your point, but these are people who have little else to do. You look at this matter with the eye of a reasoning person.

Idemili said...


CD said...

"Norse", eh?. I almost died laughing. The other language is actually Swedish. (Not as if I actually recognised it or anything - just Googled it like everyone does these days.)

But I have to agree with some of the previous posters. You know you've "arrived" when you've got your own personal stalker. Keep your guard up and don't let the "haters" get to you.

laspapi said...

Thanks a lot, Quentin. I know who the would-be female hacker is, actually, and your confirmation of the exact language seals it.

By the way, I always felt all people of Scandinavian countries were "Norse-men", I was wrong?

This personal stalker thing is annoying. I have people who work with me and have been "the wind beneath my wings". I spend days plotting how to better their lot as well as mine, check mail in the morning and see someone has spent an entire night trying to get at private stuff?

quentin said...


"Thanks a lot, Quentin. I know who the would-be female hacker is, actually, and your confirmation of the exact language seals it"

If you know who the hacker is then why pretend you thought it was "norse"? An educated man like you must know that


laspapi said...

@ Quentin-

Main Entry: 1.Norse
Pronunciation: 'nors
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural Norse
Etymology: probably from obsolete Dutch noorsch, adjective, Norwegian, Scandinavian, alteration of obsolete Dutch noordsch northern, from Dutch noord north; akin to Old English north north
1 a : NORWEGIAN 2 b : any of the western Scandinavian dialects or languages c : the Scandinavian group of Germanic languages

See Quentin, I always knew it referred to the group of languages from that region as well. Anyway, why exert ourselves on non-issues? I'll come check your world view on more pressing matters.