Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Guardian today published my interview of Kate Henshaw (The Bold, The Cool and The Beautiful).
When the Guardian first hit the Nigerian Scene, it advertised itself saying, "Sooner or Later, you'll read the Guardian". That has come to pass.
The Guardian and I have come a long way since then.


Omodudu said...

no links

Ms zee said...

where [the] interview at?? I know i have read it a gabillion and gazillion times on your blog... te he he he!!!

Happy Easter

Mr.Fineboy said...

Just discovered your blog...loving it. The poem on the sidebar is crazy! You've got mad talent, brother!

Mr.Fineboy said...

Have you read Kipling's "The Thousandth Man?" Another great poem by the man.

laspapi said...

hm, sorry, omodudu, but the interview of Kate was the bold, the cool and the interview, already on this blog

@ ms. zee- interview's in full view. Have a great easter too. (Ah, easter's over now)

@ Mr Fineboy- "The thousandth man will stand by your side?" or somethng like that? If it is, I like that one too.
Good to see you, fine boy