Monday, September 08, 2008

Loving Laspapi...

I don't know what that subject title means. I just wrote it anyway.

I went missing for a while but there's light at the end of the tunnel.

-picture by kristina




Woomie O! said...

Welcome back swit!!!!!
About time!
I'm jealous Papi...where do I come in as part of all this fun u're having???
Isn't there a flyer for Ola Rotimis's play????
Papi luv, you must get Mo to employ's not fair that u're away from me for sooo long. Ah ha!!!
So, you haven't answered, will you be at SBR???
I'll forget about our other commitment if you appear on saturday (preferably without Mo...LMAO)
bE gOoD aNd AbOuNd.

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laspapi said...

@ 36"- Too cool for my own good :P

@ woomie- Thanks love. I'll beg Mo.

Eyin'ju Oluwa said...


flygirlbidiish said...

ha those boat rides
crazy fun n life threatenin lol!!!
never mind the vanity we r still lovin laspapi
....i've missed the girl whisperer o!
these days i don't get to read G.L

dScR?Be said...

who is "loving laspapi"??!!!
Kristina abi?? LOLLLLZZZZ!

Sherri said...

loving the view!
how are u?

Rayo said...

who isn't loving papi. stalked his blog 4 abt 2yrs b4 i even started myn. don't get scared papi, i'm perfectly alryt. lol. i'v got a couple of GW's 2 go read

Uzo said...

Ah...there you are...where on earth have you been?

laspapi said...

@ omosewa- beautiful child....

@ flygirl- thanks, love. I'll try to post some more GWs

@ dscr?be- Whatchu mean, kristina? She's a very nice person though. Not resident here.

@ la sherri amor- glad you do, babe. How've you been?

@ rayo- scared of you? You're one of my favourite people.

@ uzo - all around the world...searching for my baby....

bumight said...

Loving Laspapi?

I'm loving the sheer display of vanity aka the pic, lol!