Wednesday, January 10, 2007

“Wait for me”, she said,
“Five years is nothing
To those who love…….
And the dead must be buried
And old foes put to rest
Before I can love you in return.”

“Now” he said,
“Come with me now,
Love is everything
To those in pain……..
Leave the dead for the dead.
And though old foes rise
None can touch me
While you stand by my side.”

“Fool”, they call her
“Dare you trust a cat?
Centuries of breeding
Compel it to follow a path
It cannot deny
A cat must tear flesh
And never gently.”

“Coward”, he shouted
“Follow your heart……
Listen to your dreams
Give your hope a voice
Love me forever
Close out the world
And feel my breath on your neck…

Quietly, she stands...
Torn, hesitant
Between two real worlds.
He stands aside,
And she sees in his eyes,
Empires built and destroyed,
Chaos and order,
Havoc and purpose
And she knows as she looks
She can lead him to peace.

But they call out
In discordant jangles
“Love with your head”.
(c) Wole Oguntokun


Anonymous said...

Lovely Poem. It leaves me speechless...V

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna pirate it, because it's beautiful, so forget about your copyrights!

laspapi said...

glad you like it, V

ta, nilla, its an autobiographical (any such word?) poem.

@ araceli- I'll tear off the front cover of all 'No Sense of Limits' I can get, and print my own cover, my face staring at everyone who comes across it. 'Did laspapi write that book', they'll ask? Cos I did.

Anonymous said...

I never could find my way into your blog. Everytime you posted on mine, I clicked your name but it took me straight to your profile... twas like staring thru' a fence but no real way to get in. I concluded you didn't actually blog about anything... just check't others out. I was wrong, you got some nice stuff going here.

The poem I'm gonna have to read again, next time slowly. I like the concept, it's very modern, yet it reads different from the stuff I see around. Good stuff man, good stuff.

laspapi said...

thanks for the comments, mack. Interested in your opinion on the poem. Next time you see any profile, just click on the blog link at the bottom. It'll show you the gate in the fence.

@ Naija Dude, I note your comments on being "jealous about me taking your Jolene (Overwhelmed)".

I assure you the way I feel about her is totally...beautiful. (Come to think of it, that should worry anyone). Thanks for stopping by, Dude. She's a special person, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

(laugh, laugh, laugh!)
just as long as you will pay for the copies, I really don't mind. So when do I get the cheque?

Aramide said...

Wow ure a poet too :o)
Pls visit my cousin's blog she is a poet -

Have a good weekend! xx

Anonymous said...

@laspapi..... Ooh she's a 'special' person in her own right! Well it should be understandable that I feel threatened that you are gonna get another name for her ;) LOL

Just keep being you man, lovely poem you got there.

Anonymous said...

Love is everything... it really is.. I absolutely love this poem!!!

And she sees in his eyes,
Empires built and destroyed,
Chaos and order,
Havoc and purpose
And she knows as she looks
She can lead him to peace.

(I know this cos I've felt it!!!)

Anonymous said...

lmao.. I just realized that my name is here... two of my favorite men..Naijadude and Laspapi!!! You are both beautiful

Anonymous said...

This poem isn't about you or is it? te he he. Don't mind me o!

The poem is really beautiful. What else do you have hiding in that creative mind of yours? Don't tell me, I already know..V

Anonymous said...


Ok Laspapi don't go around saying I'm threatening you. I've seen that in 2 blogs now...
If anyone was threatened, it was me and that was done by you.

Have a wonderful week :-)

laspapi said...

@ araceli- who said anything about buying the copies? The fraud I intend to perpetuate if provoked doesn't involve me spending any money. You wait and see.

@ mona- Yes, I am a poet, even though I'm better known for being a playwright. I'll be certain to visit your cousin's blog. Poetry opens vistas in incredible places. You have a great weekend too. xxx.

@ naija dude- Thanx for the nice comments about the poem, its always a pleasure meeting nice people on-line. thoughts towards 'overwhelmed' are good ones, glad you're looking out for her too.

@ overwhelmed - Glad you love the poem, 'Storm'. Your depth of emotions was one of the first things I noticed about you. I haven't forgotten the poem you asked for, on your birthday. Or my intentions about the March play, either. We'll talk more soon.

@ anonymous V- I want to think I'm a bit like what was said of Julius Caeser, "the elements were so mixed in him...". Many things in this 'creative brain', sometimes I wonder too. Thank you for appreciating the poem, V.

Ok, Nilla, I took poetic licence and I'm repentant. I promise to mend my ways, if you're not so adamant about your political opinions.
Have a great weekend too, love.

Anonymous said...

he he he
I don't think thats going to happen....LOL