Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Recline awhile on harvests of feats and muse on the odds of those yet undone".-Wale Obadeyi.

Next play's "Anatomy of a Woman" in March which laspapi wrote. I have a deal with Storm on that one.


Anonymous said...

A deal with Overwhelmed for a movie/play whichever it is? Please count me in, can I buy my popcorn and coke already? Cos I know the outcome of that heheheh!

Those looks like nice plays eh, well atleast the posters! So you are a writer abi kini?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Wols, Happy New year. we might not have seen for a while, but my fellowship with you on your blog, feels nearly the same. i go thru ur blog like everyday.
going thru these posters, i am proud of you, your work and your courage. you have been a great mentor, teacher and pacesetter.
i can't wait to watch 'anatomy... i hope it wins my heart from 'prison chronicles. okunrimeta, more grace to ur beautiful mind!

laspapi said...

Glad to hear from you, Ifeanyi. Dredged photos/fliers out of the archives. Thank you for believing, I'll keep you posted about "Anatomy...".

@ Naija Dude- There'll be no on-lookers when ONB and I meet, you voyeur.