Wednesday, January 24, 2007

That Place called Nollywood

As I watched ‘Hotel Rwanda’ a few days ago, I saw Sophie Okonedo’s tears fall and thought of how I’d like to dry them. ‘Beautiful woman, superb acting’, were the thoughts that crossed my mind about this lady with a Nigerian name but who was raised in Britain. After the movie and as I contemplated the historical accuracy or otherwise of the actions depicted, my mind drifted back to our very own Nollywood.
Reputed to be the third biggest movie industry in the world, and only surpassed by America’s Hollywood and the Indian Bollywood, Nigeria’s movie industry has clawed its way into recognition whether for good or bad.

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Aramide said...

you'd like to dryher tears huh? lol

laspapi said...

Well...the thought crossed my mind, Mona.

feefey said...

dry her tears, thats sweet, and she's such a pretty woman(not in the "pretty woman" sense)