Monday, January 01, 2007

Pictures from Wole Soyinka's stage drama, The Swamp Dwellers, directed by Wole Oguntokun at the Muson Centre on Boxing Day 2006. In the picture left, Igwezu (Sola Iwaotan) contemplates whether to slit the Kadiye's (Onochie Ifeobu) throat or complete the shave.

The play is about the exploitation of communal land owners by the ruling class. Some think it reflects the situation in the Niger Delta. In the picture below, Makuri (Kenneth Uphopho), father of Igwezu, welcomes the Kadiye and his attendants to his home.


Aramide said...

Damn I missed...oh well, did u see Ella at all? I was able to see that.

Speaking of a pic of me....i have one on my my very first post! Good luck

laspapi said...

it was a drama-drama, unlike October's "The Gods are not to blame" which was a "Thriller-Drama" (my own ratings).

Saved your pic on my system. I'm an official stalker now. lol.

Aramide said...