Wednesday, October 03, 2007


A man of God of Ghanaian extraction was arrested and interrogated at
Entebbe Airport after he attempted to clear a machine which, police
say; he has been using to deliver electric current on unsuspecting
worshippers during church service.

"Pastor' Obiri Konjo Yeboah on July 5 failed to convince Aviation
Police officers why he needed this machine to do God's work. He is
now facing serious charges including fraud and false pretence,"
Police Spokesman Asan Kasingye told Sunday Monitor.

Police said the machine could be worn like a corset on the body. It
also can generate up to 12 volts. "When (he) touches his flock, they fall down (thinking) he is using super natural powers," Asan Kasingye said. The machine is placed on any part of the body and gives a pleasant electric shock to whoever
touches you.

The waterproof electric machine is activated within 10 seconds and
can emit sparks of static electricity between the user's fingers
while in darkness. The American company manufactures the machine
known for freaking people's minds.
Kasingye said the machine using the body as a conductor of
electricity, transfers the current to the person in contact but the
one using the device remains unaffected. Other "Born Again" pastors
including the head of the National Council of Born Again Churches
(NCBC), a body that regulate Pentecostal churches, are calling for
prosecution of Yeboah.

"Police should interrogate him properly, know where he stays and the
people he works with so that we get a clear picture of it all," said
Pastor Alex Mitala who heads NCBC. Yeboah is a pastor in We Are One
Ministry Church on Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road , Makerere. His father,
other pastors say, is Obiri Yeboah, the controversial pioneer of
miracle healing in Uganda . His followers include several local
pastors including John Kakande.

Pastor Solomon Male said: "It's a pity they have arrested Yeboah but
police should not allow him to use a machine to deceive he has
supernatural powers," Male said. "Yeboah's father was a witch,
magician and I am not surprised that he was caught with that
machine," Male added.

Yeboah has denied charges he tried to import an electric shock
machine to make people believe he could pass on the Holy Spirit.
"This is a toy. It was sent for my daughters' birthday," said Yeboah.
The pastor told the BBC that during his prayers, members of the
congregation "act as the spirit comes in them".
There has been a massive growth in churches set up by charismatic
preachers in Africa in recent years, amid fears some could be

The website of the company which makes the "Electric Touch" machine,
among other magic tricks, says: "Charge a spoon, keys or coins and
watch as it shocks a volunteer!"

"They will believe you have supernatural powers!"


Jennifer A. said...

na wa o...are u serious???

Ms. Catwalq said...

o ma se o
u see what u get when u look to man for your miracles? instead of appreciating the many miracles that abound your day and make it the fact that you woke up today for instance or that u have a blog that people read...

Uzo said...

LOL....Well, you cant blame the man for thinking outside the box...

laspapi said...

Dead serious, jaycee.

@ cat'lq- poverty in Africa causes many things.

Omodudu said...

maka why...O ti ba esin je..

Naijadude said...

Now that is tres-interesting!
Like seriously, is that how desperate ppl are for "miracles"? and Pastors making money too!

Sherri said...

i'm with uzo.

princesa said...

May their nyash continue to open like dis, Amen!

Georgevna said...

Geez what people will do to get attention....