Saturday, October 06, 2007


Was invited to be a guest speaker today on WAPi, (Words & Pictures), an initiative sponsored by the British Council and produced by Emem Emma, former member of the Girl-Band, KUSH. The theme of the programme: Who you be? And the target audience- young men and women from all over the city (and some from outside) who are into the Arts. Venue was the grounds of the British Council, Thompson Avenue, Ikoyi.

There were hundreds of youths gathered, and there were music performances, very good and some not very good as well as drama, rap, graffiti, performance poetry and dance. Notable amongst the songs today was Tosyn Buckner’s “Hidden Motives”, her soft rock release that’s currently playing on the airwaves now. Maybe it wasn’t such a hard task for Tosyn producing such great music, her father being the Nigerian music legend, Segun Bucknor, “adan ri sogba sogba, oko ’ya la mala”. If you don’t know who that is, ask your parents. My father loved the man.

I told the gathered crowd what I could, of the journey to the point I stand today in the arts and gave advice as how to manoeuvre in the thorny fields of artville . Apparently, I’m considered a person of note in the things I do, and several told me they came because they heard announcements on the radio, I’d be speaking. Seasoned “youths” like the TV presenter, Denrele Edun were around as guests too as was “Ibiyemi” the female vocalist who sang her “Can you love me?”

WAPi comes up once a month on the grounds of British Council.


Ms. Catwalq said...

na u biko

Tosin was the prefect assigned to my class when I was in JS1 and she was in SS3. I remember her being very short and the nonsense punishment she gave three quarters of the class because our lockers and notes were untidy....Mssstssststhw!!!! Like I can help it that I write like a doctor

Babawilly said...

Words and Pictures. Sounds nice. Laspapi, tell them you know another 'very good man' with words and pictures in Birmingham.
So long as they give me first class on Virgin and a nice room in Sheraton, me I go come. (God forbid Okada).
I am sure it was a blast. Well done

laspapi said...

@ catwalq- She sings a 'mean' rock tune now

@ baba willy- We might arrange it for when you're around. I'm sure they'd be glad to have you.

Unknown said...


Which ones? Thanks for being there on Saturday, thanks for making our day! We hope you'd grace us with your presence again soon!

Nice one and thanks for the shout. Tell Baba Willy it will be nice to have him when he is in town. When Virgin and Sheraton become WAPI sponsors, why not?

Much Love,

Babawilly said...

Emem, na your eye be this? Well done.